Routine Scrapbook – Digital Scrapbook

Team Members: Cathy, Gabe, Garnet, June


The composition has been designed in the form of a digital scrapbook, with each page containing photos that capture moments of our daily routine and lives. Each of these photos are framed in a way that enhances their aesthetic, while the captured moments themselves have been edited with additional visual features that create feelings of surrealism and effectively deliver the sense of  defamiliarization we are trying to convey to our audience.  

The purpose of this composition is to instill a sense of defamiliarization in the viewer by sharing moments from our daily routines in a unique way. The idea is for these moments to appear normal at a first glance, but upon closer inspection, an additional quality is revealed that changes the way the viewer sees the photo. For example, some of these daily routine moments may take place in locations they would not usually be expected to occur, while others have the added visual feature mentioned previously.

There is also a soundscape which has been designed to accompany the process of looking through each page of the scrapbook. This soundscape contains sounds one might hear if they were actually present during each of the captured moments within the scrapbook, which further immerses the viewer by forcing them to engage with the composition using both visual and auditory senses.

Our final project was executed in line with our collective vision for the composition, which contains every idea we knew we wanted to include during the creation process. Each of us contributed two photos and a series of related sounds to the project. Cathy organized every photo into the scrapbook, while June used the sounds to form the accompanying soundscape.