Video Animation

Team Members: Emma Tynan, Jelra Ahn, Flora Jiang and Sabrina Yu


Video Animation

Conceptual Idea:

At times like such, we succumb into a repetitive state, numb to many of our surroundings. Through this piece, we want to be able to target and become aware of even the daintiest details in everyday sound, gathered from our Soundwalks. Our final piece is inspired by the nature of the soundwave; dynamic movement constantly in flux, respective to sounds recorded. We want to use words formed in the manner of a soundwave to represent not only the source of the sound heard, but also the textures and states we feel from it. By editing the text that will be placed into the soundwave, with different fonts, colours, textures, we want to display what that moment in sound meant to us. We also attempt to manipulate the natural sounds heard from our walk to create a mash-up track that could represent the distorted focus of sounds we hear during the soundwalk we each went on. The overall piece will attempt to present a manipulated reflection of nature that represents how our position in the current times influence our senses. 

Parameters :

20 minute walk | In a metaphorical circle (to end where you started) | Listen to music on headphones for the first 5 minutes of walk

Snapshots from their video animation: